Development with a Social Lens

Friday, October 17, 2014

1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Place: Grace Point Community Church


Reverend Jim Smith,

(Central Presbyterian Church)

Margaret Eberle,

(Senior Housing Planner, Metro Vancouver)

Terry Harrison,

Property Resource Team Lead, BC Conference, The United Church of Canada 

Emily Beam

Manager, Strategic Programs, VanCity

Robert Brown

President, Catalyst Community Development Society


How can congregations and other organizations use their land assets to meet the multiple demands of financial need, community space, affordable and market housing.  Representatives spoke on successful redevelopment projects. Please get in touch if you would like a summary of comments and/or presentations from this event. Thank you to Surrey Homeless and Housing Society, GracePoint Communtiy Church and VanCity White Rock Branch for financial support for this forum.

Extreme Weather Shelter

Mount Olive Lutheran Church

PH2H supports the Extreme Weather Shelter located at Mount Olive Lutheran Church, while reconstruction continues at the Peninsula United Church site.  Options Hyland House and BC Housing providing staffing assistance. There is a tremendous volunteer effort made to support this service in our community - a community which lacks permanent shelter facilities. PH2H promotes volunteer recruitment and donations.  The numbers of people housed has risen from 5 when it began to 20 this past winter. Please contact Kathy Booth at for volunteer information.

Service Guide

List of basic services for people who are homeless in SSWR

PH2H Task Force maintains a list of services for people who are homeless covering food, shelter, shower and clothing services.  These are the essential services needed before people have adequate safe and affordable housing of their own; times, dates and contact information can be found here:

Food Security Fund

Working with the Peninsula Community Foundation (PCF), the PH2H Task Force has developed a fund to support low-income food security. A community with food security provides nutritious food and support to community members in need, raises awareness about poverty and involves the community in solutions. 

Community food security exists when all community members have access to a safe and nutritionally adequate diet through a local food system that is environmentally-sound and sustainable while maximizing self-reliance and social justice.

Community food security works towards 3 outcomes:
- decreased hunger
- increased local food sustainability
- improved nutritional health