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What we believe

Everyone deserves access to multiple safe, accessible, and appropriate housing options. From here, we collaborate with the community to respond and address the needs of anyone experiencing or at risk of homelessness in the South Surrey-White Rock Peninsula.

CollaborationWe will do this together.

Community. Building strong from the people, up.

Accessibility. Opening (and widening) doors for all.

Inclusion. Everyone at the table.

Our Values

What we do


We are a volunteer-driven organization that relies on the work, donations of time, services, and resources of community members and organizations that share our beliefs.


We lift up voices in our community to ensure better access to housing, hold our elected leaders to account, and champion projects that disrupt the status quo.


We help connect community members to housing resources and organizations that can help people live and thrive in South Surrey-White Rock.

Where we started

The Peninsula Homelessness to Housing Task Force was formed in 2005 by people who were concerned about the increasing number of people who were unhoused and underhoused. PH2H is grateful for the ongoing participation and support from community members and the following groups and agencies.

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